One day I was at this comic book store in Northampton, MA, and I was getting my favorite comic book, Marvel’s Runaways. At the time of purchase, I told the clerk – Shannon – that I was amazed by the cover artist, Jo Chen, and furthermore, I wanted to be her. Shannon responded,

“If you’re going to be Jo Chen, then…
Who’s going to be you?”


This is an attempt to write a blog for the duration of September 2008 to May 2009, documenting my stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand. DISCLAIMER: I say “attempt” because when it comes to side hobbies, I have a propensity to, at times, not finish what I start. So if this thing becomes defunct, I probably got real busy and shifted priorities to finish school work, or just lost interest and became a lazy bum.

I’m moving to Thailand as an international student intern through my social work graduate school. I’m excited, scared, and anxious – I’ve never lived and studied abroad before! I guess the reason I shared that anecdote in the beginning is because I’ve realized I just need to go into this experience balls out as myself. That was a somewhat inappropro phrase I know, but you know what I’m saying, right? We can prepare all we can for the unknown, but I think sometimes we just need to jump right into new endeavors and figure things out along the way.


~ by wannabejochen on 26/08/2008.

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