From red eye to red eye

(Originally written on August 28, 2008)

Even though I wasn’t fully packed yet, I had huge plans to spend my last day in San Francisco. I was going to do big things and leave SF with a bang. As I was about to put my contacts in, I used my sister’s solution because I had already packed mine in. Upon insertion, why did my eye suddenly start burning?!?! Apparently, I used some different solution that pretty much is like battery acid when it even barely touches your eyeball. Only after the fact did I notice the red tags on the bottle that said: “Do NOT put directly in eye.” Grrrrrrr….

My right eye looked like it had just been stabbed by a newly sharpened # 2 pencil. Do they still use those things? Can I still use that analogy? Anyhoo, the point is (pun unintended?) I saw this as a sign. It told me to slow down and be in the present.

This situation was a reminder that keeping busy and doing a million things at once has always been something of a “safe space” to me during times of heavy stress or transition. This time, when I finally did slow down – bloodshot eye and all – the underlying fact I had been trying to evade surfaced and hit me, directly and centrally to the core:

“Wow… I’m leaving.”


~ by wannabejochen on 04/09/2008.

One Response to “From red eye to red eye”

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