Finally… no more living out of a suitcase

Kay, Michelle, and I (the “Chiang Mai 3”) have been living here in Chiang Mai for a week now, and we’ve done a lot:

  • temporarily stayed in a hostel while acclimating ourselves to the city, transportation system, and local eateries
  • visited our placements
  • started language lessons
  • acquired cell phones
  • found a house and settled in

I’ve been finding myself really interested and engaged in the Thailand politics — there’s a fervor behind this civil unrest, that I find to be more pronounced than the States. At the same time, the Thai people have been so friendly and welcoming; they also all think I’m Thai, until I start speaking with an “American” accent. I was telling a server, who asked where I was from, that I went to school in Massachusetts. I specified that it was next to New York. I was surprised when she said she knew exactly what I was talking about — the king of Thailand was born in Cambridge, MA! Interesting, eh?

Tomorrow we start our placements. I’m nervous — I have no idea what I’ll be doing. But isn’t that how we all mostly feel when we begin a new job?

The rain has stopped pouring — I need to do some laundry nearby and perhaps check out a hip-hop dance class. I’m feeling myself slowly move away from that U.S. mode of needing to finish errands and tasks in a hurry. When it’s raining, you kinda just put things on hold (generally) here in Thailand, until it lets up. Why do we always feel that time is running out in the States?


~ by wannabejochen on 07/09/2008.

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