One Response to “Black is Beautiful… and so is Brown!”

  1. Interesting post, Eugene. Yeah, sometimes I have the same sentiments. I’ve been called “the dark guy” by my chinese friends. And, I know that lighter skin is generally looked better upon by asian cultures, probably partly because of the working class and laborers being out in the sun longer, and also because of media portrayals of fair-skinned hollywood and local celebrities.

    I was thinking, too, that when I move to Thailand, it would be great to finally “fit in,” seeing as the average Thai seems to be dark complexioned. I guess that might not be the case. I should have known. But, then again, we create our own reality, too. People sometimes live into the vibrations and frequencies that we put out there. If we’re secure with our own identities, they get that. If we’re not, they Also get that… if that makes any sense?

    Funny thing is, personally, I think dark skinned women are more attractive, naturally. At the same time, I’m sometimes aware when I feel like I’m getting “too tan.” Over the years, I’ve become less self-conscious about it, but I’d be lying if I said negative perceptions (“pigmentism?”) don’t affect me.

    Stay Brown, bro!


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