I wonder if Brian thinks about having social worker hair…

I’ve been trying to learn more about Buddhism now that I’ve been here in Thailand.  According to my supervisor, one principle states that there are eight things we can’t control: gain, loss, fame, obscurity, blame, praise, pain, and happiness.  I think you can add a ninth: haircuts that go awry.

The other day I was looking forward to getting my haircut.  With my bangs and other parts of my hair getting longer, I was another month closer to my recent “dream” of a Japanese-pop/Korean-pop/Asian pop-star hairstyle.  I just needed to just thin out the shagginess since my hair grows real thick, while keeping the length.  Unfortunately, there was a little language miscommunication with my Thai stylist, and my hurr got pretty chopped up…  I didn’t want to be one of those ornery Americans, but I did tell him it was shorter than I wanted.  He felt really bad, and I said that it was OK, but it kinda wasn’t.  C’est la living in another country!  We eventually were able to work it out and clarify what is to be expected next time.

I do feel that I have a journalistic responsibility to be transparent and say that I have wanted J-pop/K-pop/Asian pop star hair before, but I eventually thwarted my own (numerous) attempts to grow out my hair because I was impatient and/or couldn’t tolerate that “messy/ugly in-between” phase.  I guess this time around I felt like I was getting closer to achieving this goal, and experiencing a setback was disappointing.

But why do we attach happiness and extremely positive feelings to our goals?  What are your attachments – getting toned and sculpted, having an attractive partner, getting a raise?  Are you really happy and satisfied when you do get what you want?  Or do you find yourself still comparing yourself to others at the gym, checking out your new co-worker or classmate, wanting just a little bit more money?  Although losing a couple inches off my hair does suck, there are definitely much more devastating losses in life.  At least hair grows back.

Alluding to the overall title of my blog and the story with the eponymous phrase, I think that I might just take this as a sign from the universe letting me know that looking like Brian Joo of “Fly to the Sky” ain’t in the cards for me.  Or maybe it’s telling me that a big forehead and long hair aren’t a good combination.

Shaggy McShaggerton (like my pink Thai-style polo btw?)

Before pic: Shaggy McShaggerton (like my pink Thai-style polo btw?)

Mah hurr is real short!

Mah hurr is real short!

Brian Joo is on the left... damn, he has nice hair.

Brian Joo is on the left... damn, he has nice hair.

Is there an article in there about acquiring Asian pop star hair, Brian?


~ by wannabejochen on 18/10/2008.

One Response to “I wonder if Brian thinks about having social worker hair…”

  1. […] wasn’t there, but I got it cut anyway.  What ended up happening was a big chunk was cut off not unlike the first time I had my hair cut here in Thailand.  I wasn’t really sad or disappointed this time around, […]

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