Dawn musings on friendship and hippie-ness

It’s 6:30am.  I got three hours of sleep last night, and I’m chilling on my balcony, looking at the mountains, as they’re illuminated by the morning sunrise.  I’m from Cali, but I’m really not that hippie to the core; I’m getting cranky as the mosquitoes are already up and ready to feast on my arms.  I couldn’t get back to sleep because a couple of my best friends are arriving in Chiang Mai to visit me later on this afternoon.  We had been planning this ever since I started my internship here last year, and this moment has finally arrived – I haven’t seen them in over seven months!  I’m so excited 😉

Moments like this make me think about how awesome friends I have, and how grateful I am.  Last night, I was hanging out with my Chiang Mai best friends at a small house gathering; I got pretty sentimental watching them act up, even when they were doing the Souljah Boy!  Alright, so maybe I am an emotional hippie down to the core.  Now when both of my worlds collide – my Cali BFF’s and my Chiang Mai BFF’s – Lord, have mercy!  And what better venue to do this than Songkran, Thailand’s water festival celebration of the Thai New Year!

It’s a surreal feeling to know that you can share part of a special lived experience with your best friends.  They’re coming into a part of my world, which I’ve only described through a myriad of pictures posted on Facebook and numerous Skype calls.  I’m not sure if Chiang Mai is ready for mine and my friends’ messy antics.  I told my Chiang Mai friends that if they think I’m loud and scream a lot, it’s only going to be worse when I’m around my boys!

I find myself, slowly, feeling ready to leave Chiang Mai. I think seeing my boys will help with the transition process to go back home to the States.  It’ll be a reminder of all the love waiting back home for me, and also evidence that friendships can have transcendental bonds that remain strong despite time and distance apart.  Damn, I’m such a hippie.

Chiang Mai ain't ready!

Chiang Mai ain't ready!

So excited to welcome my boys to Chiang Mai!

So excited to welcome my boys to Chiang Mai!

Ain't no shame in my game... I own my hippie-ness.

Ain't no shame in my game... I own my hippie-ness.


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One Response to “Dawn musings on friendship and hippie-ness”

  1. If only I could tag you in that hippie photo…. Oh, how I am going to have a surprise for you!

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